Zombies, Pumpkins and Scarecrows at the Axe Pit in CHOP-tober!

Zombies, Pumpkins and Scarecrows at the Axe Pit in CHOP-tober!


This month is our FAVORITE down here at the Axe Pit in South Portland!


We're planning to get crazy this month (well, crazier...)  Yup, halloween is a pretty big deal around here!  We hope you'll come down with a couple friends and join us to help defend the Pit against the Zombie, Scarecrow and ...Pumpkin invasion?!


Zombie throwing targets will be available all month for the pleasure of landing an axe, spike or knife in the middle of a zombie brain!  Several different zombie target designs are available.  Choose one and save the axe pit from the zombie invasion!!


Oct 9th - 13th:  We're expecting another wave of attacks from the undead...  Yes, we will be offering actual scarecrows to throw axes at!!  Keep protecting the Pit and all of humanity from the Scarecrow invasion!! (Thanks in advance for your service!)


Oct 16th-20th:  PUMPKIN CHUNKIN'!!  Yes!  You guessed it.  Throw an axe and absolutely DESTROY a pumpkin!  We'll prop one up on the target for you and give you a chance to go to TOWN on that unsuspecting vegetable (wait... this just in... a pumpkin is actually a FRUIT..  and nope, I didn't believe it either.)  As satisfying as it is to throw an axe a target, it's even MORE satisfying to actually destroy something with a perfectly placed shot.  

Our team has been waiting for CHOP-tober ALL year and we're looking forward to having you join us!!