Chopping firewood across the room:’ Ax throwing is catching on

"There is not a demographic that I have found who are more predisposed to throwing axes than others," Connor Winn tells us. "This is a sport for everybody."

SOUTH PORTLAND – There’s a man who regularly comes into the Axe Pit on Clark’s Pond Parkway at the end of his workday.

“When he comes in, he might say hello, but that’s about all,” says Connor Winn, co-owner of the business. 

That customer is in no mood for chitchat. All he wants to do is hurl ax after ax at the pine boards.  

Whap! Whap! Whap! 

For an hour, the fellow assaults the pine boards and occasionally the hemlock plank at the center of the bull’s-eye. He sinks the blade deep into the boards, retrieves it and does it all over again. 

Whap! Whap! Whap!

Does it make him feel better? 

You’d be surprised – there’s quite a lot of therapeutic value, as it happens, in chucking bladed implements at a wall. 

“By the time he was ready to leave,” Winn says, “he’d leave a completely different man.” 

Winn and his staff see it all the time. Couples come in with their kids and want to throw the axes as a family. Old-timers arrive in groups, skipping bingo that night in favor of hurling tomahawks. Single guys, groups of buddies, or just your average working-class Joes and Janes looking to have some fun or relieve frustrations at the end of the day.

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